All you have to Know about Lexapro and Putting on weight

All you have to Know about Lexapro and Putting on weight

Lex) try a drugs often prescribed to treat depression otherwise panic disorders. Lexapro is part of a category away from antidepressants called choosy serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). So it family of drugs works by broadening serotonin profile, a chemical that helps control aura. Whenever serotonin levels have been in a frequent diversity, you feel happy, calmer, faster nervous, and more concentrated.

Lexapro and Lbs

Of a lot antidepressants may affect pounds. Some people could be very likely to put on weight as opposed to others. You to definitely research learned that exposure things to possess putting on weight are with a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, or food a diet stuffed with carbohydrates, canned animal meat, and you can milk.

Gaining weight

A man bringing Lexapro may go through several pounds obtain, particularly which have a lot of time-term use. There are many reasons this may exist. You’re one Lexapro increases serotonin levels, and you can serotonin contributes to weight control. On top of that, Lexapro will get increase a person’s cravings, which causes consuming more and putting on weight.

One study listed that people exactly who took a few of the latest antidepressants, also Lexapro, had a slightly high rate out-of weight gain.

Yet not, Lexapro might only result in slight weight gain. A mature studies revealed that just after six months of cures having Lexapro, on the thirteen% from members educated putting on weight in excess of 2 kilograms (regarding the 4.cuatro lbs). A health number comment detailed that after 9 months away from therapy having Lexapro, participants knowledgeable modest weight gain of 1.1 kilograms (throughout the 2.4 weight).

Weight reduction

Even though less common, slimming down is additionally a possible side effects regarding Lexapro. There are numerous records where anybody dropped a few pounds when they began providing Lexapro, but there’s very little browse service so you can right back so it.

As the serotonin accounts boost and other people begin to feel symptom palliation, people will receive more energy, resulting in a desire to become more active. In addition to, some individuals will find that they’re capable set a good prevent on their substandard dining models, including binge eating. Each other can result in diet.

Lexapro and you may Anxiety otherwise Nervousness

One another anxiety and you will nervousness could affect a person’s cravings. Particularly, many people may feel too anxious to consume. This may lead to someone to reduce away from a hunger or see shorter satisfaction in restaurants. Others can find spirits into the as well as generate bingeing patterns.

When the Lexapro helps replace your anxiety otherwise nervousness episodes, it will keeps an optimistic influence on your ways of eating. In turn, you are able to beat or acquire some weight. Such changes in pounds can get hence be associated even more in order to boosting symptoms in lieu of a side effect of one’s treatment.


Anxiety could affect every aspect from lifetime, such works, dating, and you may eating routine. We with anxiety sense feelings regarding strong despair. Almost every other outward indications of anxiety range between death of attract, weakness, and you can reasonable urges or eating too much.

One to study from Finland looked at the possibility results of despair and you may carrying excess fat down seriously to emotional dining. Emotional dinner is when people consumes for the a reaction to negative feelings. This research found that adults with depression just who engaged in psychological eating had been prone to put on weight.

Due to the fact Lexapro assists change your depression periods, you can also begin to get a hold of changes in the ways of eating otherwise levels of energy. These types of changes you will definitely ultimately effect your bodyweight.


There are various brand of panic disorders, along with generalized panic (GAD) or public panic. If you have an anxiety, the human body goes into strive-or-airline setting more frequently High Point escort sites or for lengthened symptoms compared to the average people.

A combat-or-trip reaction can result in physical symptoms affecting the fresh digestive program, including constipation, indigestion, and you may sickness. Such symptoms could make men therefore awkward which they create not require to eat, otherwise dining gets unappetizing.

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